Submission Guidelines

All work must be written by women, and in the case of Braiding Voices, be written about the work of other women. Writing and images must be polished. Not all submissions will be published.

Discovering Voices

Must be previously unpublished, original work; fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry; 1200 words or less.

Elevating Voices

Previously published pieces, pointing back to the original source; fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry; 2000 words or less.

Braiding Voices

Pieces written in response to other women’s voices or art that goes beyond the review; can be story, analysis, a way to move forward–let your reaction guide you; 1200 words or less, including excerpt from the piece you are responding to.

Visual Voices

Any artistic piece—images from any medium that represents the vision of Storytellers Co. Please submit a short writeup about the piece(s) as well 500 words or less.

Send all submissions to

We are women who create, who tell stories, who want to support other women who create and tell stories. Join us!

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