“I’m doing things I love, and I believe everyone should be afforded that opportunity, especially women who have been told they can’t do it or aren’t good enough.”

For freelancing inquires, please reach me at thegeminiofmay@gmail.com

Hello! My name is Michaela, and I’m a freelancer originally from Nebraska.

I decided to start freelancing because I’d always wished I could just read as a job. Not have to give reviews, not have to edit. Just read. I was afraid to take the leap. I’d gotten so many comments about how freelancing isn’t a real job. What money would I make? How would I survive? But I’ll be getting a normal career…right? Growing up, it was practically engrained in me to be financially wise and stable. My parents had gone bankrupt, my grandparents hammered in the importance of investing and saving, focus on classes was more geared toward math and science than what I was interested in, such as dance, pottery, writing, and singing. Did you know I wanted to be an ice skater when I was little and audition on American Idol? Unfortunately, the common theme of my childhood was, “Be realistic” coupled with, “You’re not good enough.”

Did I listen? Of course not.

That’s how I ended up where I am now, freelancing full time and offering services including beta reading anything from books to articles and blogs, content writing, ghost writing, illustration, and tarot consultations among other things. Outside of freelancing I’ve taken up drawing again and am dabbling in mixed media with oil paints and acrylics. My personal library has grown tremendously, and I usually go through several books a week. I have two cats named Rex and Moose who keep me company and offer me advice as well as occasionally plotting to stage a coup.

I joined Storytellers Co to tell my story, hoping that if anything, it would find those women who have lost their spark and are looking to regain or even find it. We are worth so much more than what the world tells us to believe. And we are not going to believe it.


Beta reading fictional pieces

starting at $15 for 500 words

Beta reading articles or blog posts

starting at $15 for 500 words

Ghost writing fictional pieces

starting at $15 for 500 words

Illustrations for book designs, articles and blog posts

starting at $15

Writing articles or blog posts

starting at $15 for 500 words

Tarot Consultation

starting at $25

Book a free consultation today.

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