Pauline Hawkins

Writer, Teacher, Storyteller

Pauline Hawkins is a published author of two books: Uncommon Core, 25 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in a Cookie Cutter Educational System, a self-help for parents published by WordCrafts Press in 2015, and For I Am Yours, a children’s illustrated book published by WordCrafts Press in 2019. She is also the Senior Copywriter at Hot Diggity Creative, a writing instructor at Great Bay Community College, and Storyteller Co founder. Read more from her at

Submissions: Fighting the Shadows, Words Matter, and As Important as Breathing

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Al Downs

Freelance Illustrator

Al Downs is an illustrator based in Colorado who focuses on character illustration, story, and memory.

Submissions: “The Vigil”, Storyteller Co cover art

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Hello! My name is Michaela, and I’m a freelancer originally from Nebraska. I’m doing things I love, and I believe everyone should be afforded that opportunity, especially women who have been told they can’t do it or aren’t good enough. That’s how I ended up where I am now, freelancing full. Outside of freelancing I’ve taken up drawing again and am dabbling in mixed media with oil paints and acrylics. My personal library has grown tremendously, and I usually go through several books a week. I have two cats named Rex and Moose who keep me company and offer me advice as well as occasionally plotting to stage a coup.

Submissions: Flowers Reborn

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Alexandra Chan, Ph.D.

Chinese brush painter

I am an internationally known archaeologist, author, and speaker; an award-winning photographer; and a Chinese brush painter. What ties it all together is my commitment to living a creative and truthful life. Archaeology (and the way I teach and write about it), photography, painting, and personal writing are all, at base, ways for me to dance with bigger truths, to create, and to find, capture and share beauty with people who might have overlooked it. Thomas Edison said “There is a better way of doing it. Find it.” I love this! So crisp and direct. So deeply rooted in the idea that it is up to us – each of us – to be the answer that we seek. For the last several years, and who knows, maybe my whole life, I have been on a relentless, and dare I say fearless, search for beauty. Why fearless? Because I don’t just look for beauty in all the usual places, where it is easy to find; I look for it in necessity, difficulty and sorrow as well. In the edgelands between light and dark, presence and absence. And here is what I have found: there is beauty in ease and in hardship. Can you find it? It takes courage to try. Read more from her at Chan’s Peking Kitchen.

Submissions: Two Scholars

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Karyn McWhirter was born in Southern California, where she lived for 10 years before her family moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. During her 30 years in Colorado, she earned her BA in English with a minor in Women’s Studies and teaching credential from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs and her MAT from Colorado College. She taught high school English for 17 years. But, most importantly, she made many lasting friendships and lived with enthusiasm. She currently lives in Cocoa Beach, Florida with her husband. She is always on the lookout for joy.

Submissions: “Coastal”

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Leigh Cronin and Clara Hodges

Off Menu Pots Ceramics

Leigh Cronin and Clara Hodges have worked together for years, first meeting during their time serving at The Press Room in Portsmouth, NH where they shared laughs, drinks and a love of ceramics, which one day turned into their business venture “Off Menu Pots”. Clara studied ceramics at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, New Hampshire and has continued honing in her throwing skills on the kick wheel she inherited from her family ever since. Leigh studied graphic arts at Studio M in Montpellier, France and has continued to develop her illustrations through personal projects and during an internship with a potter. 

Contributions: “Tell me your story” mugs

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