by Karyn McWhirter

Creating connects us — to our intuitive selves, to the world, to creative traditions, to imagined futures and realities, to each other. I have studied art and art history, in classrooms, museums, books, galleries, and workshops since I learned my shapes and colors, but when I am making art, I feel connected to the community of creators that spans time, place, & cultures. These images come from my community. They triggered the artists’ response in me, inspired me, energized me. I share them to further create community here through art.

The histories of humanity and communities are displayed though art. Whether it’s categorized as fine art or folk art, or arts and crafts, art is the world, is experience translated by creative energy. Artists and artisans, both men and women, create culture and bind communities, reflect a sense of place, of pride, of values.

When we look at a work of art, we connect to the artist personally and the time and culture that birthed the artist. Equivalently, when we use an artist’s work, a quilt, a dish, a dress, a table, we commune in creativity.

There is beauty all around us and in each of us. We walk through art as we walk through the world; all we need to do is capture it — realize ourselves as the artists we already are. Whether we make a living or a legacy from our art or make the objects that support everyday living, when we create, we are artists.

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