Words Matter

by Pauline Hawkins The book finds you—the words you need when you need it. That’s what Men Explain Things to Me a book of essays by Rebecca Solnit did. I’d been having deep discussions with a friend about our voices as women, about being silenced and disregarded and minimized. She mentioned Solnit’s book. From theContinue reading “Words Matter”

Fighting the Shadows

Ian and I chuckled as we watched a viral MMA video that came across my feed. It was the Bellator fight that had a fighter wake up from a choke hold, incoherent, and grab the ref’s legs. It was in my feed because my son-in-law Devin was the MMA fighter who delivered that choke hold. Ian and I watched it a few more times, amazed that the fighter’s first reaction after waking up was to get back in the fight and overjoyed that Devin won the fight he trained so hard for.