A Grateful Table: Thanksgiving Gratitude Challenge

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time for gathering and gratitude.

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Register for the Thanksgiving Challenge between September 24 and October 1 and receive a 50% discount on the entry fee*.

Register September 24-October 1 = $5 entry fee

Register October 2-9 = $10 entry fee

Late registration October 10-16 = $15 entry fee

Register for the Thanksgiving Challenge today!

*Entry fee proceeds will be contributed to prize money awarded for top entries published November 17-24. The larger the entry pool, the bigger the prizes will be!

We look forward to your entry!

Submit original Thanksgiving writing or visual art to Storytellers Co between October 2 – October 16, 2022

Top submissions will be published daily on the site from November 17 – 24. Be sure to check in for a daily helping!

Contribution Requirements

Theme: gratitude & gathering

Prose (fiction or nonfiction): up to 1200 words

Recipe with a backstory: up to 1500 words

Poetry: up to 3 entries

Drama (screen or stage play): up to 5 pages

Visual art—includes photographs, collages, and graphic design (with title and caption): up to 4 entries

Video: up to 5 minutes

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

Life is not perfect and never will be, but we can be thankful for what we have. Share what you’re grateful for in the medium of your choice, and help readers feel gratitude this Thanksgiving.

We will select the top submissions to share each day before Thanksgiving. Honorable mentions will be shared the day after Thanksgiving.

Submit your entry to submission@storytellersco.com

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